Kiyomi Finance
Kiyomi Finance


Kiyomi Finance is a really fixed max supply of 100,000 in code.
We all know a lot of farm's native token supply is unlimited, and highly inflated.
Although, burning mechanism can't keep up with inflation.


KiCredit System is a new way to distribute tokens.
KiCredit System can convert KYM to KiCredit, and can't back to KYM.
KiCredit holders will get dividends from Packaging Tokenomics in the future.
KYM's value depend on the demand from the KiCredit.

3-Level Distribution

level 1:
KYM --> KiCredit
level 2:
KiCredit --> KiCoin
level 3:
KiCoin --> Asset-Packaged
KYM is a deflation token .
KiCredit is a utility token.
KiCoin is a Packaged token.

Cross Chain Distribution

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